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spiral 2nt - with interference

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Posted 2020-January-12, 22:43

We are relatively new to spiral 2NT and we had a hand today where we had interference after the 2M bid.

The bid went - 1D, P, 1S, P, 2S, double

So - if there had been an overcall after the 1 spade bid, I can do a support double (or redouble if that person doubles).

But, if the double comes after the 2S bid - then how does the responder bid? Is spiral still on? Suppose they bid higher than 2N?

As always, any help is appreciated.

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Posted 2020-January-13, 01:04

Hello. I don’t play spiral as I never (oh, well, once a year maybe) raise w/ 3. However, like any game try bids, I would suggest that the X can be « forgotten » and bid as if opponent had passed (maybe a bit more cautiously). And XX maybe is I want to compete to 3M but only if you have 4 cds?

If opponents steal some more space, an available bid between the overcall and 3M becomes a game try (not showing or asking anything special in the suit as there might only be one bid available, eg you have S and they overcall 3D, only 3H is available) and X is penalty. If there is no available bid (eg you have H and they overcall 3D), then X is your only game try.

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Posted 2020-January-13, 05:57

I would play spiral still on here and XX as "naughty opp, hope you are prepared to go for 500".


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