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Strong double Strong double rebid

#1 User is offline   paulsim 

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Posted 2019-September-21, 08:05

1D (X) p (1S)
P ?

A. A2 AKJT6 AJ54 76
B. A2 AKJ65 AQJ6 K2

a. Pretty straight forward 2H?
b1. 2H is too little?
b2. 3H is not that good and long enough?
b3. 2D cuebid would risk advancer 4S?

How would you bid?

Ty, Kind Regards

#2 User is offline   Cyberyeti 

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Posted 2019-September-21, 08:36

I overcall a totally routine 1 on the first hand (or 1N if I can do that with a balanced 18), and jump to 2N after the X on the second.

#3 User is online   pescetom 

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Posted 2019-September-21, 10:00

The brackets seem the wrong way round, I assume you mean:
(1D) X (p) 1S
(p) ?

For me the first hand is a tad too strong for our 15-18 1NT, let alone 1.
I double with either and rebid NT with the first and jump rebid NT with the second.

#4 User is offline   ahydra 

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Posted 2019-September-22, 21:03

A is a 1H overcall (but right at the top end).

With B you could rebid 2NT but that risks burying a 5-3 heart fit. Even if you play Puppet, advancer may well pass with something like Qxxx 10xx xxx xxx, and NT will be in big trouble on a club lead while hearts is much better. If you think it's too strong for a simple 2H rebid (I would agree - e.g. compare the same hand without CK), then you should probably bid 2D first. This simply shows a very big hand with no clear direction - it does not guarantee spade support, so if advancer does jump to 4S, you are more than happy to play there with your Ax support (indeed you might even try for slam).


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