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X for penalties opinions please

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Posted 2004-October-09, 12:13

Scoring: IMP

West North East South

 1    Pass  1    2
 3    Pass  3    Pass
 Pass  Dbl   Pass  Pass

Hi I am North, (Diplomatix)

Can you tell me if my penalty x was ok. (in fact general comments on my bidding in general here would be welcomed)

The result indicates it was a good decision, but I think that was a mistake when opps played the K clubs to be honest rather than my good def

#2 User is offline   helium 

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Posted 2004-October-09, 13:51

Hi:)) i think ur bidding was fine, the dbl was a bit hard but the 3club bid was horrible:)

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#3 User is offline   daswallow 

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Posted 2004-October-11, 04:02

I think the x is ok, but the 3c bidder is way too light. Thinking about it, if 3c bidder had his bid, the x is dangerous.

#4 User is offline   Free 

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Posted 2004-October-11, 05:02

This hand seems to have lots of points! :blink: West is very strong, East has something to bid, your partner must have something to bid at 2-level in this vulnerability after both opps bid, and you still manage to have 9HCP! The only person I trust at the table is my partner, so EW bid way too high, and a Double will probably be a good decision. You'll probably be able to use your small trumps for ruffs, and a 3-level contract is easily defeated in such circumstances.
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Posted 2004-October-11, 05:05

Looks like an ok dbl to me. Misfit to pard's suit, trump lenght, control of side suits...

#6 User is offline   Chamaco 

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Posted 2004-October-11, 06:26

I think it depends from the standard of the 2D overcall by pard.

If pard overcalls soundly, double could be a good bargain, but if he/she has only diamonds, you may reasonably expect to set them 1 trick, but you are not sure.

BTW: if you decide this hand is worth a double, then I think u shd have doubled 3C too.
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#7 User is offline   EricK 

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Posted 2004-October-11, 06:55

If you can trust partner's 2 bid, then it looks a good double to me. You could also have doubled 3.


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