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Drury convention request

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Posted 2004-August-29, 12:41

I'm looking for the whole Mike Lawrence's Drury convention, with all avaible responses....

thanks in advance
- jarosz -

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Posted 2004-August-29, 14:28

Mike Lawrence suggests the following structure after pass 1M 2C

2D is the important response. It asks if partner is max or min, and how many trumps he has.

2H = any min, usually only 3 trumps, if 4 then poor shape
2S = balanced max with 3 trumps
2NT = max with 4 trumps
3C = distributional max with 3 trumps. There will be a singleton somewhere.

With 4 trumps and a singleton, he recommends a direct 2NT response to 1M

Other than that, after P 1S 2C

2D = as above
2H = full, usually minimum opener, suggesting an alternative strain (4-4 usually better than 5-3)
2S = sign off
2NT = 18-19 bal
3C = 5-5, slam interest
3D/H = as 3C
3S = requests a cue-bid
3NT = 15-17 bal, with a hand that chose not to open 1NT
4C/D/H = splinter
4S = to play

After P 1H 2C

2D = as above
2H = sign off
2S = reversing values, slam try

Other bids are similar in structure to P 1S 2C


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Posted 2004-August-30, 02:46

Maybe you will be interested in another version of Drury (played by Eric Kokish & George Mittelman):

Drury, possibly 4 trumps + singleton, (1M-2NT is played as both ms, inv) or a FSJ in C(1M-3C is nat C).

1M-2C; 2D:
Weak with 4M. Responder can try to sign off in 2M (bids 2H with 3-5, arriving in a superior partscore when opener has 4-3 Ms); 2NT shows FSJ in C; NS at 3 levels shows 4 trumps + singleton.
*In their version, 2D can also be used as a preclude to game try:
After responder sign off, opener bids new suits or 2NT to try for game.
Imo, it is useful to have a weakness rebid showing only 4M, as responder would make a better judgement in later competitive auctions.

1M-2C; 2M:
Weak, but gurantee 5M.

1M-2C; 2NT:
Asking, Balanced Slam try.

1M-2C; 3M:
Inviting responder to bid 3NT. Promises good 6Ms and some outside values.

1M-2C; 3NT:
6-3-2-2, good M, choice of game.

Others bids are identical to Lawrence Drury.

Hope you would find this information useful!

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