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Easy Peasy, or...?

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Posted 2010-October-20, 18:27

4 would be forcing and natural, but take it from this spot. 5 is undiscussed but what should it be?
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Posted 2010-October-20, 18:46

Is 4N regular blackwood or quantitative?

If I had to make one call with North its 7N. I think its very difficult to come up with hands that are missing some heart duplication where this is not odds on.
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Posted 2010-October-21, 02:51

5 is a game, so per definition nonforcing. 4NT cannot be quantitative if partner can still have "everything" so I would guess it's regular woody. I bid that. If partner has two aces, put me down for 7N.

Note that you have a similar problem if your opening bid is 1 (natural).
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Posted 2010-October-21, 07:37

Seems a simple 7N from North should do the trick if you're in doubt. If this has been discussed, or if you have an agreement here that 4N is Blackwood, I guess I'd use it as a safety net.
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Posted 2010-October-21, 07:51

I'd be very glad we play strong here, since we know partner has a strong hand. 4NT blacky, followed by 7NT if we have all the Aces.
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