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Economic Cue bids assistance required

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  Posted 2004-June-26, 01:45


Italian Cue bids and Economic cue bids are they the same thing, can someone explain them to me and and any differences there may be between them, with pros and cons.

any links would be most helpful

Thank you

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Posted 2004-June-26, 05:54

I never heard of Economic cue bids, i can only tell you about the italians cue bids.
The idea of the italian cue bidsa is to show both first and second round control together (not to distinguege between them atleast at the beggining) this is opposite the the "normal" cue bid that show a first round controlls and only when cue bidding a suit which you already known to miss the first round controll , it show the second.
I think today almost everyone is usiing the italian style, or a version of it.
you can read a pretty complex article (book) about italian cue bids on daniel's site.
its at the end of the second group.
This is the original italian cue bid, its the simplest which mean its the hardest to play, takes lots of common sense and partnership understading , imo this is too hard for normal partnerships, playing an easier system that use the cue bids basiclly to check if the partnership is missing a controll of a suit and that the partnership have extras and then ask RKCB like FRED told us he and his partner play is a much much easier, even adding turbo or maybe a 4nt as trump asking helps alot.

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  Posted 2004-June-26, 06:10

At least we're talking about "real" cuebids, and not the Zia cuebid. :-)
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