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Windows client being phased out in 2017

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Posted 2016-November-03, 13:19

  • We're going to start retiring the Windows version of BBO in 2017
  • Players of premium games like ACBL will be unaffected for now
  • All others will be moved to our web version on Feb 1st, 2017
  • Our web version lives at


The original version of BBO has been unmaintained for the last eight years. I’ve decided that it’s time to retire it. We’re going to start turning it off in February 2017.
Players who don’t regularly play the premium games on BBO will be moved to the new version around Feb 1, 2017.

Players who regularly play the premium games on BBO won't be affected in Feb. Neither will vugraph operators.

Once you’ve been moved, you won’t be able to login using the older version. Instead, you’ll be sent to the web version of BBO at ( and of course, you’ll be able to login there and play bridge as usual ).

Thanks for being understanding.

What do I do right now?

This is only a heads up. I think you should start playing around with the web version at . Nothing will happen for a few months. We’ll keep reminding you that this is coming but nothing else will happen until then.

If I start playing premium games, can I keep using the older version?

Yes. You can purchase some BB$ at the top of our home page at and use them in some of the premium games if you wish to go down this path. This will allow you to use the older version for a while longer. I can't promise that this will be "forever", and it probably won't be longer than a few months. We'll see.

How do I try this web version of BBO?

Open and click the big LOGIN button. Or click here for a slideshow of highlights

Can I continue to use the older version until it is turned off?

Yes, but I encourage you to move over prior to that.

I’m happy as I am. You’re going to force me to learn something new?

Yes. Sorry. The web version will be somewhat different. Not very different. After all, in the end, it is all about playing bridge and that part is much the same. And there are new games there that you might enjoy.

Will I lose my friends and notes?


What if I have questions on how to use the web version?

There is a help screen. And we’re still here -- You can post feedback in this thread, or request help with serious problems in the BBO Support Forum.

What’s new and worse?

It’s been 8 years of pruning. Some things were left behind. Highlights: No chat rooms. Can’t see everyone. Some obscure features eliminated (example: double dummy problems) missing. May feel slightly less responsive. No local chat logs.

What’s new and better?

It’s been eight years of improvements. Highlights: “Instant Tournaments”, “Challenges”, “Daylong Tournaments”, “Bingo” (not a typo). Try the web version of BBO and have fun discovering what these are.

Uday Ivatury
CEO, Bridge Base Online

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