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Goulash 6-7 lvl decision

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Posted 2011-March-16, 20:16

Red vs White
Goulash MP's


4 5 5 6
Pa Pa 6 Pa
Pa X Pa ???

What's your bid? What's the expected behaviour in this situation?

View Postwyman, on 2012-May-04, 09:48, said:

Also, he rates to not have a heart void when he leads the 3.

View Postrbforster, on 2012-May-20, 21:04, said:

Besides playing for fun, most people also like to play bridge to win

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In all fields of endeavour emotion is the arch-enemy of judgement.


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Posted 2011-March-16, 20:39

Opps, those goulash deals have just bit us in the ass :lol: . Someone does not have the cards s/he has promised and there r plenty of voids in here.
But ok lets try to deduct who is closest to have what s/he has promised. If u meant that we r in vuln. and they r not my guess is that its prd. S/he has 10 in hand and 2 minor suit honors.
My bid would be 7 and if we go one down...well its goulash and i wont be alone with my dedcision and there r 2 plus sides in that bid u either can go for a smoke when prd struggles or get to defend contract in 7 level which is easier :D

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Posted 2011-March-17, 02:27

i would have bid 7h over 5h. it's inconsistent to bid 7h now, but i'd still do it - just because i was unwise before doesn't mean i need to be unwise now.

of course if partner's double is slow you can't get away with bidding due to the inconsistency

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Posted 2011-March-17, 04:31

7 quickly. That will goad opps into bidding 7 which probably goes down.

Goulash is best played with a couple of whiskies in-between. After a while, 7 dbled is the only contract you play.. well, ok sometimes 7NT if the side without spades has the A lol.

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