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Using the "Voice" Utility at a Teaching Table

First, make sure you are using the newest version of BBO:

Click, click the text reading 'Click to Watch or Play Bridge' then sign on with your BBO name and password.

Now you are on BBO.

Look to the upper left of your screen and click the tab: Start a table. Now, under Start a training table click Start a Teaching table. Notice under Form of Scoring that Teaching will be selected and under Privacy options, both Allow kibitzers and Allow kibitzers to Chat will be selected.

Now click on Start table and your table will be ready. Notice at each seat there is a Robot button. If the Teacher has an active robot subscription, clicking the word Robot puts a robot in the seat. With no active robot subscription, the Teacher can sit in one, two, three, or four seats. If you have a particular student you want to sit in any of the seats, just tell that student to click on the SIT button and he'll be placed there.

Now for the voice part:

1. Launch a Teaching Table (you have just done that)
2. Click the SPEAKERS button on lower right
3. Add yourself and whoever else should be allowed to speak
4. Click START ( to start the voice stuff)

From a listener's Point of View, after '4.' is done

5. Your students should click START LISTENING

This voice utility can also be used at a Partnership Bidding table so you and partner can discuss as you practice your bidding techniques.

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