Bridge Base Online Help

Getting from Here to There

Getting from here to there on Bridge Base Online (BBO) is a matter of a click of the mouse or a few keystrokes. All the sections and lines of text within those sections are clickable.

If you just want to play you will click on Help me find a game.

If you're interested in knowing more about the ACBL, you will click on ACBL World.

If there's an article under the heading BBO Today, clicking on that headline will take you to the text of that article.

If you find yourself in a place on BBO that you want to leave, but can't remember how, simply click the Back button at the top of your screen. Doing that takes you to the previous page.

If you want to start all over, click the Home button (again at the top of your screen), and that will take you back to the very first page you see when you log on. So, click on what interests you, click Back to leave that area and click Home to get back to the very beginning and start all over.

So really the only time you will need to type anything at all is if you want to have a conversation with someone or if you have to enter your BBO username and password at certain pages. Other than that, we are mouse friendly. A click will get you here and there, and a click will bring you back.

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