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Upload a Photograph

Customizing your profile with a photograph is an excellent way to share something about yourself to the BBO community of players - your sense of humor, a hobby, a beloved pet or person, a holiday trip, your favorite sports team, or something unique. Your personal photograph is only limited by your imagination.

Click My BBO on the top horizontal row of buttons.

Click the User profile link that is the first item listed on the drop down menu.

Under the heading "My picture" you have three options. You can Upload picture to upload a personal picture from your computer. You can also select from BBO's selection of Stock Pictures by clicking the link for Stock Pictures, or you can Clear Picture to reset your profile to no picture at all.

Upload Picture

Clicking the Upload Picture button will open a file manager on your computer. You select the picture you wish to upload by highlighting the file name in your file manager, and then click the "Open button. That sends the file you wish to use to BBO, and we will process the request usually within 24 hours.

Size matters. The larger the original picture is, the smaller the detail will be on your profile. Keep your picture smaller than 200X300 pixels and you'll be the happiest with your results.

Using a Stock picture immediately uploads a picture to your profile.

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