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There are times when you need to substitute a player in a running tournament. There are several ways to accomplish this task.

Click the down arrow next to Action in the horizontal Tournament Management bar on the right side of the window and select Substitution. A box pops up with a list of all the players who have registered as substitute players in your game.

Type the missing player (or player who needs to be replaced for whatever reason), in the Replace blank, and then either type the username of the substitute player in the With blank space, OR click the Select button next to the name of the player who you wish to invite. To make the invitation, click Substitute Now button on the bottom of the popup window. Wait for a server message advising you if the invitation was accepted or declined as you may need to make several invitations to fill the seat. To close this window either click the 'x' in the upper right hand corner of the box, or click Cancel.

Another way to replace a player is to right click (use your right mouse button), on the player's username in the tournament listing of the tables, and select either Substitute Now using your left mouse button - this sends out a server invitation to the players who have registered as a substitute in the game, and whoever says yes first is seated; or, select Substitute Select with your left mouse button - this brings up the Substitution box described above, with the players' username already filled in the Replace field. Again, you will need to watch for a server message letting you know if the player replacement has been successfully completed.

Another way to access the substitution controls is to right click the player's username in a director call message if, for example, you receive a call from a player asking to be removed as they need to leave the game. This is a useful shortcut.

Reseating the Original Player

This option will allow you to put the player back in the seat where he belongs - meaning the seat where he started the game - by a TD command. This will save you from having to keep track (particularly in the individual games), of who replaced whom. The program will 'remember' where the disconnected or absent player goes and put him back. You will have the option of replacing the player when the current hand ends (recommended) or replacing him immediately by clicking the appropriate command on your list of TD commands. Both these options will be on your TD commands list.

Under the Action menu, Click "Reseat Player" and a box pops up for typing the username. The default is to reseat the player after the current hand ends. If you check the box to reseat immediately, then complete the command by clicking OK, the player will go back into their original seat.

Another feature will automatically replace a disconnected player to his seat when the game ends IF that starting player has played at least as many or more hands than the sub player. Of course, replacing the original player won't actually happen, because the disconnected player may not be online at that time, but the points won will be automatically awarded to the player who played the most boards. If the original player played equally, (six hands played by the original player, and six hands played by the sub), the original player will be awarded the points. If the original player played fewer hands than the sub, then the sub will get the points.

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