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Show Tables

To see all the tables in a running tournament, click the down arrow next to Action on the horizontal Tournament Management bar on the right side of your screen, and then select Show Tables from the drop down menu.

A complete listing of the tables will appear on the left half of the screen. Below the table listing is the Chat window. You can increase or decrease the number of tables shown at any one time by dragging the horizontal bar between these two sections up and down. There is a scroll bar on the right side of the table listing if the number of tables is larger than can be shown at one time. You can also increase or decrease the proportion of the right and left sides of the screen by moving the vertical bar separating the two spaces.

The table listing has a horizontal heading and divides the tournament into columns. The heading shows the table number, the players sitting North, South, East and West, Kibitzers (if Kibitzers are disallowed, next to the word "Join" there will be a white circle with a red diagonal through it). The two remaining fields are More and Description.

If you are at a table in the tournament and you wish to access the table listing for the whole tournament without leaving the table you are at, click Show Tables from the drop down Action menu. This will bring up the table listing in a small separate box. This is especially useful if you are running multiple games and need to be able to see the table listing in two games at the same time.

Above the horizontal bar listing your tournament tables are three buttons.

Substitutes - Clicking this button will ask if you wish to be added to the list of substitutes.

Edit Tournament - Clicking this button will bring up the window for editing the tournament.

Refresh - Clicking this button will refresh the table listing, and it is important to use this button on a regular basis. For example, the tournament Status field in the horizontal bar on the right side of the screem may reflect a missing player. To locate the red player's username click Refresh and then scroll up or down through the table listing to locate the table which requires your attention.

Above these three buttons is the yellow Back button which will take you back one screen. For instance, you have joined a table by clicking the Join button and now you wish to leave the table and see the table listing. Click the Back button.

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