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Helpful Hints

Clicking the Director tab while directing a game will expand the table listing to fill the whole width of the Bridge Base Online (BBO) window. To reset it to half, click Director tab again.

The individual columns can be sorted or widened like normal spread sheets.

To widen a column, place your cursor over the dividing line between two columns until you see a double vertical line with a right and left arrow. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the column the direction you wish to widen it. Release the left mouse button and the column width is now set.

A click on the top of the table number column changes the sorting order from descending to ascending.

A click on the top of the table seating directions changes the player usernames in that column into alphabetical and sorts the entire table listing based on that one column.

So, if your table listing looks weird, chances are you clicked something and just need to re-sort by column heading.

Clicking the Who's Online tab can expand the table listing to the full width of the BBO window. Click the Director tab to return the tournament screen to the normal look.

Accidentally join the list of substitutes? Just click the Substitutes button on the upper left hand side of the screen and remove yourself from the list.

Managing a custom list in your tournament. If you want to add or delete a player name on the custom list, you must then Modify the tournament for the change to take effect. Just changing the list won't work, and the Modify button is grayed out if that is the only change you make to the tournament. After you make the changes to this list, I suggest adding a minute to the time remaining until the game starts, click Modify, and then subtract a minute from the time remaining until the game starts, and click Modify again. This ensures the custom list is accepted and changes to the tournament take effect.

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