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Director Calls

Players in your tournament will use the Director Call button to let you know of any problems or issues at their table which need your attention.

You will be notified about these calls with a little bubble in the upper left hand portion of screen above the table listing or above the table if you happen to be at a table. That tells you if you have a director call and how many director calls you have. Click Show Calls - a list of the director calls will appear on the right side of your screen, below the horizontal Tournament Management bar.

To accept a director call, click the Accept button; or if you have received multiple calls from one table, click the down arrow next to the Accept button, and delete the multiple calls. By Accepting a call, you are taken to the table where the player who called you is located.

To chat to the table, click ->Table in the Chat portion of the screen on the bottom left. Or left click on the caller's username to start a private conversation with them.

A right click on a player's username in either the table listing or in the Director Call listing brings up a menu of options available to you.

The options which then become available to you are:

Show Profile - Clicking this option shows you the player's profile, including their current location in the tournament by table number, and allows you to Pin their profile to your screen so you can have a private chat with them without their profile fading away, allows you to make notes on their profile about failures to alert or misbehavior, or any other note you wish to make. The Pin button on their profile turns red when active.

Private Chat - Fills their name in the Chat field so that you can send them a private message.

Join their table - Clicking this option takes you to their table, or you can click the Accept button on the director call. This menu option is useful if no director call is sent, but just a private message letting you know about something at the table that requires your attention.

Define as a friend - Clicking this option allows you to make them a friend; it changes their player name color and will let you locate them easily in a long list of tables.

Define as an enemy - Clicking this option allows you to block their chat, and in a lot of cases eliminates the need to remove them from the game.

Substitute - any - Clicking this option will invite all players who have registered as a substitute to play in the place of the player whose name you clicked, and the first one who accepts will be seated.

Substitute - select - Clicking this option will pull up the popup Substitution window listing with the player's username already filled in the Replace blank. This allows you to selectively find a suitable replacement player.

Reseat Player - This option will allow you to put the player back in the seat where he belongs - meaning the seat where he started the game - by a TD command. This will save you from having to keep track (particularly in the individual games), of who replaced whom. The program will 'remember' where the disconnected or absent player goes and put him back. You will have the option of replacing the player when the current hand ends (recommended), or replacing him immediately by clicking the appropriate command on your list of TD commands. Both these options will be on your TD commands list.

Player Results - Clicking this option will pull up all this player's results in the right hand side of the BridgeBase window, allowing you to review their boards for adjustments.

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