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How do I check results of completed tournaments or team matches?

Under the heading My BBO click the link for Hands and Results.

Tournament Results

Click on the Recent Tournaments link.

The next screen brings up the recent tournaments in which you've played, and you can further sort the results by choosing from the options listed by scoring type, or simply view "All" (the default selection).

Clicking a link under the Results column provides the final leader boards. Click a link under the My Hands column shows you the individual boards you played, and their associated travelers.

The tab for My Table shows how an individual board was played at your table. Click the tab for Other Tables to see the same board and you can review the play for any other table in the same tournament.

My hand folders

You've found a favorite hand you want to keep. Here is how you go about doing that. Under the heading My BBO click the link for Hands and Results.

Follow the instructions above to find the board you wish to keep for future reference. With the board you want to save showing on your screen, click the Export button on the bottom left under the hand diagram, which will be on the right hand side of your screen.

Select the option Save deal as.

You can choose to save your hand in either folder listed under the Title heading - My favorite hands, or Teaching hands.

The Title for deal will default to the date and time during which the hand was played. This title (name), can be customized by you - simply overwrite the default title and type whatever you wish in its place. After you've named the hand, click the folder name under Title, and the hand has been saved.

To retrieve the saved hand, click the folder name and then you can see the boards you've saved under the title for the deal as specified by you at the time the deal was saved. Deleting a saved deal when it has served it's purpose is done by clicking the Delete button to the far right of the Title for the individual hand.

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