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Team Matches - How to Play

The absolute best way to join a team game is to get seven of your friends together at Bridge Base Online (BBO)and form a match. This has the advantage of you being able to play when you want to without having to wait for an invitation that may not come at the most convenient time for you.

Still, there are times when a team match you are kibitzing will have a player that disconnects. This is a good time for you to let the table know that you are available to sub for the disconnected player. If the table has been set up to allow chat from kibitzers, you will often find that the owner of the table will welcome your volunteering to sub.

Once you are seated at a table the play commences just as it will during any bridge game on BBO, with the same commands to play or bid. A difference between playing a team match and playing a tournament, you will see, is your ability to see the results of already played hands from the other table.

To see the results and how you're doing (or how the team you are watching is doing) click on My Results at the top right of your screen. You will see your results on the hands you have played, and if you click on Other Table you will see how the other table did on the same hands played up to that time. Of course this option to see the other table's results is only available if the team game has been set up to have Barometer scoring.

Another advantage of team play vs tournament play is, there is no time limit to finish. This means you can take as long as you like (and as long as your teammates don't object), to think about the hands and your plays.

As you become more familiar with BBO and meet more friends you will find our team games to be an enjoyable way to get together with friends for an afternoon of bridge without having to worry about people coming and going from your table. Your match will be set.

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