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Team Games - Calling the Director

A typical Team Game will progress with no need to call the director. This is a good thing because often all eight people involved are playing. But still, there will be times when a director is needed to correct a mistake. This almost always involves an incorrectly scored board, often following a mistakenly accepted claim.

Many of the team games involving our Bridge Base Online (BBO) Star players, will have another Star as director. The most common problem he (or any director), will have in team games, in addition to adjusting a board, is replacing disconnected players and giving the original player his seat back upon his return.

For the most part, though, team games progress smoothly with only an occasional assist from a director. But if one is needed, you will click on the Director button at the bottom of your table screen, right next to the Table button. The TD will come, the problem will be solved, and your game will continue.

Yellow hosts can adjust an improperly scored board as well, and substitute missing players if the team game host happens to be the player missing from the game. Click Who's Online and then Hosts to see who is available to assist.

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