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Team Games

Our very popular team games are interesting both to play and to kibitz.

Many of our Bridge Base Online (BBO) Stars use our teams software to practice for upcoming contests or to just keep their IMPs skills up to speed. This is also a convenient way for a group of friends to enjoy an afternoon of competitive bridge and to stay in touch between tournaments.

Whatever the reason, teams are as popular here on BBO as they are in face-to-face tournament bridge. If you'd like to try out a team game, here are some instructions for getting them set up and ready to play.

First click on the line under Play or Watch Bridge that reads: List all tables. Next, click on Team Matches and finally, on Start a new Team Match. This action will bring up the Start New Team Match page where you can refine the options for your match.

A team match can consist of as few as 3 boards, as many as 32, or any number in-between the two numbers. You choose how many boards you want to play. You will choose a name for your match in the Title space, and a description if you wish.

Next you will chose the scoring format and which options you want regarding kibitzers, undos, and whether or not you want Barometer scoring to apply. This is also the place where you will choose the number of boards for your match, using the arrows to raise or lower the number.

You can choose to have randomly generated hands, or you can use boards prepared ahead of time. Our help file How to Create Folders of Prepared Deals will explain how to go about doing this. Also review our notes about preparing deals.

Now you will type the names of the players who will participate in your team match in each of the directional designations (North, South, East, West) for each team. It's a good idea to double-check this to be sure you have the partnerships entered correctly so you don't have to start the whole thing over again.

When it's all finished, all options decided upon and all names entered, click on Create Team Match the players named will be sent an invitation which they will accept and your team game will begin.

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