Bridge Base Online Help

Click the Competitive link under the heading Play or Watch Bridge.

Next, click on Team Games.

To create your own game, click on Create Team Match which is located on the bottom left hand corner of your screen, above the chat window.

This bring up the window in which you can create your match. If you want to invite specific players (who must all be online for this to work), type their usernames in the appropriate seats in the Reserve seats (optional) section. Make all your other team game preferences in this same window: Form of Scoring; preferences regarding kibitzing, undos, and barometer; deal source. And don't forget to give names to the two teams.

Note: If a player is not logged in and the seat is reserved in their name, the team game will not be created. You can always change the reservation to a different username, just pick somebody who is logged in.

Click Create Team Match as the final step.

To create an open team game where players can sign up on their own, simply don't reserve any seats, except your own.

Click Create Team Match as the final step.

Your newly created team game will show in the Pending menu and players can click the word Sit to join the game. Sit with a lock requires permission from team game host to play.

Once all the players have accepted their invitations, and all the Sit seats are filled, the game begins.

Have fun!

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