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Start An IMP Pairs Table

Sometimes you will prefer to have very specific settings for your table and want to start your own table, so you can be sure of those settings. First click the link for Casual under the Play or Watch Bridge heading.

Then click the link for Start a Table under the heading Find Your Own Game.

Now you will see a listing of the scoring types under the heading Start a Bridge Table. Click the link Start an IMP Pairs table.

Now you will see the Table options you need to set up for your table.

Next click the link to Reserve seats at your table.

The popup window allows you to specifically fill in the usernames for yourself, your partner, and your opponents. Click in each seat and start typing, and remember all usernames must be typed exactly. Click OK to complete the reservations. You can leave any or all the seats blank if you choose to do so.

Next click the link for Privacy options for your table. A check mark in one of the boxes means that option is active for your table.

Privacy options are defined as follows:

Allow kibitzers - anybody who wants to watch can do so
Allow kibitzers to chat with players - anybody watching can talk to the table as well as chatting among other kibitzers
Permission required to kibitz - anybody who wants to watch has to ask the table host for permission
Permission required to play - anybody who wants to play has to has for permission to sit down
Invisible - the table will not be displayed in the list of tables
Exclude new members - players with a few number of logins cannot play at the table
Minimum completion rate - players with a minimum completion rate (MCR), below your specification cannot play at the table.

Use the scroll bar to change the MCR up or down.

Click OK to finalize the Privacy options.

Next you can fill in a Description for your table if you wish. For example, things like "Beginners only" or "Experts only" or "Friendly fast play" or "Playing Spingold hands" (read below).

Last step is to decide on the Set deal source for your table, and you have several options available to you. Normal (random) deals means that the BBO random hand generator gives you hands which will be played by 16 other tables for duplicate comparisons. The hands may have already been played a few times, or you might be the first table to play a hand.

You also have the option to have BBO give you Randomly selected Vugraph deals deals. You can see how your table would do in previously broadcast championship matches against possibly world class partnerships.

Or you can Select a specific Vugraph match from archives. This is an exciting and challenging option for people who desire stiff duplicate competition. Click the blue button Select match to retrieve the list of matches available for you to choose from.

If you know which Vugraph you want to play, enter the name in the Search field. Or click the link to Get matches.

Use the scroll bar on the right hand side of the list of matches to search through the archives. Click More to get more hands and information. And click Select when you find the Vugraph you want to play in.

Once you have selected your match click OK.

Last step, choose either the Main Bridge Club or the Relaxed Bridge Club in which to set up your table. To choose the Main Bridge Club, click the link for Start table - competitive game. To choose the Relaxed Bridge Club, choose Start table - relaxed game.

Sit in your desired seat and have fun playing! And if you have a subscription to our GIB robots, click the word Robot on an empty seat, and one of our robots will cheerfully take a seat. Read about renting the robots at our help file.

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