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Speakers at Voice Tables

Once a user name is given permission to speak, he will see a "Start" button in the voice menu at the right of the chat area. In order to begin broadcasting to the table, he has to click the "Start" button.

Start button

Flash may display a security pop-up, asking permission to access the user's microphone. Unless the user allows Flash to access the microphone, he will not be able to speak.

Flash security popup

To start broadcasting, the speaker either holds down his left mouse button over Click to speak or holds down the spacebar on his keyboard while he speaks. The "Click to speak" button will change to a "Broadcasting..." button when the speaker goes live to his audience.

Broadcasting button

After he's done talking, he can release the "Click to speak" button and this will stop the transmission. The speaker repeats this step until they are finished speaking. Clicking the "Stop" button will close the voice session for the speaker and his name will no longer be displayed in the voice menu. 

User names who are not currently authorized to speak at the table will see a button labeled "Request to speak" only if the table host has checked "Allow applications" in the "Speakers" dialog box. As it is with all table settings, the table host decides how the voice feature will be used at their table.

Request to speak button

It is recommended that speakers use headphones in order to avoid feedback issues.

Speakers are notified when their permission to speak is revoked by the Voice Administrator.


Select microphone in Flash settings