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Some Bridge Base Online (BBO) Pointers

First, thanks for actually reading the instructions! Those of our members who are willing to make this effort can only help themselves to "get the most out of BBO".

There are a lot of things you can do on BBO and a lot of different ways to play bridge. The best way to find out more about what our site has to offer is to look around and try things!

Don't be shy - you will find that the vast majority of BBO members are nice people who are patient and helpful with new members. If you are friendly and polite then it won't take long for you to make new friends from all over the world right here on BBO.

Unfortunately it is the case that you will sometimes run into BBO members that you don't like. BBO members are just people, after all, and we all know plenty of people who are rude or who can be unpleasant to play bridge with or against.

There are hundreds of thousands of active BBO members. The better you are at finding your friends (and avoiding your enemies!) among the masses, the more you will enjoy the BBO experience.

The BBO software contains powerful facilities to help you find, identify, and interact with the BBO members you like while avoiding the ones that you don't like. You can access these facilities by creating a User Profile popup for the BBO member in question (either click on that member's name or use the "find" button at the bottom on the Who's Online tab).

The BBO members shown, in yellow, in the Hosts tab of Who's Online are either BBO staff members or volunteers who are here to help you. We refer to these people as "BBO Hosts" or "Yellows". If you have a question regarding our software or a problem with a rude player, try sending a private chat message to a BBO Host.

If you do not need an immediate response to your question or if a Host is unable to help you, please e-mail us. Our most important e-mail addresses are: (for technical support or general questions) (for reporting members who break our rules) (for questions relating to BB$ or MB$)

BBO Forums is a highly dynammic web site that you rate to enjoy. Through our Forums thousands of BBO members post, read, and discuss bridge, BBO, as well as (many!) topics that have nothing to do with bridge. BBO Forums is not only a great resource for useful and thought-provoking information, it is also a vibrant community of its own where you can meet potential bridge partners or friends.

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