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What is Solitaire Bridge?

Solitaire Bridge is a new take on bridge - play a game without waiting for partners or opponents! Currently you can play four solitaire bridge games:

Instant Robot Duplicate

Instant Robot Duplicates combine the best of a tournament and a single player game. You will be dealt deals from a past tournament you haven't played before and have your scores compared against players in those tourneys. If you do well, you will receive masterpoints. Instant Robot Duplicates cost $0.25 to play.

Bridge 4

Bridge 4 is a mini game consisting of four random deals. Bridge 4 is a "Best Hand" game, which means your hand will always contain at least the same HCP as the next highest HCP hand. Try to accumulate as many total points as you can in those four deals. The highest scorers get to enter their initials in a leaderboard.

Video Bridge

In Video Bridge, you start with $100 in fun money that you can stake on each hand. Do your best and try to grow your fun money pile into a fortune. A pay table will display what the hand's various outcomes will result in.

This game is Best Hand - your hand will always contain at least the same HCP as the next highest HCP hand. Can you play your way to "millionaire-hood"?

Just Play Bridge

This is a no-frills, infinite stream of bridge hands, scored Total Points style. This is a "Best Hand" game. Play as many hands as you like, at your own pace!

About the robots

The robots used on BBO are called GIB (Ginsberg's Intelligent Bridgeplayer). You can find out more about GIB's bidding system by clicking here.

The GIBs used in BBO play a relatively simple and natural 2/1 bidding system. You can find out the meaning of any bid by clicking on that bid as it appears in the bidding diagram. Furthermore,when it is your turn to bid, moving your mouse over the buttons for the various possible bids will cause an explanation of the bid you are considering (as your GIB partner will understand it) to be displayed.These explanations can be somewhat cryptic, but reading them carefully before you bid will help you to avoid misunderstandings with your GIB partner.

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