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Your profile, filled out properly, can be very helpful to your bridge experience on Bridge Base Online (BBO). With careful planning you can show potential partners valuable information about your ability and the systems you play. An accurate profile can, at a glance, show your level of play and whether people looking to play would find you a compatible partner.

Customize Your Profile

To get started customizing your profile, under the heading My BBO on the left side of your screen.

Or click the button "My BBO" at the top of the task bar

Select User Profile from the drop down menu.

Your current profile will now be displayed in a popup window. Here you can change your password if you wish, type in your real name (but only if you want to), select your home country and your skill level.

Players find it helpful to put information regarding systems in the "Other" section. Here you will want to show your basic system (SAYC, 2/1, SEF, etc) and any of your favorite conventions. Space is limited here, so abbreviate when possible. You can even upload a picture!

Click on Save changes to finalize your profile.

A word about skill levels

It's tempting at times to overstate one's skill level. Sometimes players also understate their level because they're timid or just don't realize how good they really are. It's very helpful to be as accurate as possible in advertising how well we play bridge. Following these guidelines when stating your level of expertise will make for a more pleasant bridge playing experience:

This indicates you do not wish a skill level to be displayed when people view your profile information.

Someone who recently learned to play bridge.

Someone who has played bridge for less than one year.

Someone who is comparable in skill to most other members of BBO.

Someone who has been consistently successful in clubs or minor tournaments.

Someone who has enjoyed success in major national tournaments.

World Class Someone who has represented their country in World Championships.

Of course, you may at times find that you disagree with another's assessment of his expertise. If this is the case, it is not appropriate to mention this to him via private or public chat. You may be correct, but it may also be that he's just having an off day.

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