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Private and Public Clubs

There are times when people with a common interest (bridge or bridge plus something else) will want to gather together to play, so they form a club on Bridge Base Online (BBO) where they can meet. Some of the clubs are open to anyone, others are private and require a membership application to join.

If you ask to join a private club and are refused, you should not take it personally. Some of the clubs have very specific membership conditions and may prefer to operate by invitation only. Others welcome all new members. You will soon find which clubs are compatible with your interests and which are not.

To find a listing of the clubs by type under the heading Play or Watch Bridge, click on the line, List all tables, and at the next menu click on All Public and Private Clubs. At the next menu you can choose to list all public clubs or all private clubs.

If you find a private club you're interested in joining, you should click on the "More" button to find the rules of the club and how to go about joining it. Typically you will see a link for a web site where you can go to learn more about that club and if it holds interest for you.

You will see some private clubs where membership is by invitation only. It will not be productive to ask to join groups these since they likely have a list of people, and only those people, to whom an invitation to join will be given.

Of course the Public Clubs are open to everyone. You should feel free to join those clubs, but be sure to abide by any rules the club has for those that play there.

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