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To start playing, under heading "Play or Watch Bridge" click on Casual. From there you can choose from several options depending on your circumstances at the time.

If you want to play, and FAST, click on Play - take me to the first seat available.

Click Preferences, and select your Game Preferences and Scoring preferences, or let us pick them for you by leaving the default as "I don't care." We'll then look around and at the first empty seat we find, you'll be whisked to that table.

If you only want to play with your special partner, click on the line I have a partner, take US to a table. You'll then be asked for your partner's name, partner will be sent an invitation and when he accepts and a table becomes available, you will both be seated there automatically.

Want to play a game with your robot subscription? Click the link to Take me a Table with 3 robots.

View a list of interesting tables for playing or kibitzing, and see what's happening on BBO that is attracting a crowd.

Suppose you want to play at a table for beginner's or intermediates, or a table with only expert players. In that case you will want to click the line Start a Table under the heading Find Your Own Game.

If you choose this option you can refine your table settings for a relaxed or competitive game, and the scoring you want to be used. Now again, you can ask us to take you to any table, take you and your partner to a table, start a new table or show you a list of which tables have empty seats.

If you ask to start your own new table you can further refine your table options which can include a description of the table. So if you wanted a table for Intermediate players only, this is where you would show that.

In addition you can allow or disallow kibitzers, allow them to talk or forbid it, or even have potential partners and opponents ask for permission to join. If you have a group of up to four friends who want to play together, there's also a place on this screen to reserve seats for them so they can be sure of sitting at your table. Put their names in the reservations space and they will be sent an invitation to come play. When you reserve a seat for your friends, it's a good idea to also choose the option where permission is required to play. Otherwise, if your friend loses connection, the seat will become open to all.

See our help files which explain all this in more detail:

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