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Our international community spans the globe and brings us all together with one common interest, that of a finely executed bridge hand. From a small beginning in the early 1990s Bridge Base Online (BBO) has grown to become the largest bridge club in the world.

Some of the people you will see on BBO include Fred Gitleman and Uday Ivatury, the original owners and programmers.

As growth continued, others joined the company. You will find Gerardo, Georgi, and Barmar added to our technical, programming staff; Rain and Diana handling advertising and marketing; Desi, Babela, John_with_a_B, and Ahala, the Customer Support crew; Karen taking care of Accounting and helping out in Customer Support; and Jacki coordinating ACBL and managing Customer Support.

The ownership of BBO expanded in the summer of 2007 to include bridge enthusiasts Bill Gates, David Smith and Sharon Osberg.

But in addition to our behind the scenes people, players from all over the world gather on BBO 24 hours a day to play with each other, regardless of language barriers. Since bidding and the play of the cards is done by mouse-clicks, language isn't required. And our world-wide players bring with them a multitude of systems including SEF, Acol, SAYC, Precision, Polish Club and other diverse bidding and playing agreements. A SAYC player can find himself playing against a pair playing Acol and enjoying it.

This is what makes BBO what it is. People from the four corners of the world meeting on our bridge site and playing the game they love with each other. And if we don't understand each other's native language, it's not important. We communicate by clicking on the 15 words which are all that's needed for the game of bridge.

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