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Partnership Bidding Practice

To practice bidding with your partner without having to play each hand, you can start a new table in the Bidding mode. Here's how to do that:

Click on Start a table under the heading Play or Watch Bridge.

Select Start a Bidding Table under the heading Start a training table

Here you will define table preferences. The Form of scoring is set for "Bidding" by default. Preferences include opponents' bidding (if you want them to pass throughout, or if you want to control their bidding), and privacy options. Under the Privacy options, if a box is not checked, that option is not active. You also reserve seats for yourself and your partner.

To reserve a seat for yourself and your partner, type the usernames in the appropriate seats.

Defining the types of hands you want to practice bidding is one of the most powerful aspects of the partnership bidding table settings. You can decide whether or not your robot opponents will bid or pass throughout.

Click on Start Table once your table preferences have been selected. And then send a private message to your partner and invite them to join you, by clicking on the seat reserved with their username.

Sit in the seat opposite your partner and click the word Robot in East and West to seat them so your bidding can begin. You do not need a robot subscription to use the robots for partnership bidding practice using Bidding scoring.

Setting up practice hands

You can now define the type of hand you want to bid by clicking on Deal Source in the horizontal row of buttons immediately below the table in the lower part of your table screen.

You can chose to practice with Random Deals or Use saved deals. If you want to practice with random deals (the default selection), click the General tab, then decide who will be the dealer. An unchecked box means that seat will not be a dealer. You can also decide the minimum and maximum HCP (High Card Points), you want the North/South hands to have. To change these options at any time, click the Reset button at the bottom of the window.

Define with a lot of detail the Possible hand types by clicking the tab for North, South, East, and West. Select the number of cards for each suit and the maximum high card points for each suit. Say, for example, you want to practice major suit opening hands only. Click the New hand type button to create multiple types of hands to practice.

The Advanced tab gives you even more power to define the deals. Be sure to read the Dealer syntax help file. Click the Reset button to change your options. This is the screen with the option to Randomly rotate generated deals 180 degrees.

If you want to practice with saved hands, click on the tab Use saved deals, and you can select a set of hands previously saved to use for your bidding practice.

Then click on Close to finalize your selections. And click on Redeal to start the exercise and you're ready to practice bidding with your partner.

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