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Money Bridge

The Play Bridge for Money area of Bridge Base Online (BBO) (accessible via List all tables from the Home screen), is a facility whereby two BBO members can play against each other for money. We offer Money Bridge games at various stakes (including games where no money is at stake so that you can try out this form of bridge without risking any real money).

Money Bridge on BBO is a fast, fun, and challenging game of skill - it is gambling and, as such, is considered legal in most parts of the world. If Money Bridge is not legal in your part of the world you will not be able to access this area of BBO. The BBO software has been designed to make it impossible to cheat in our Money Bridge games.

The main reason why cheating is impossible in Money Bridge is that each partnership consists of a human playing with a robot (and obviously the human and the robot cannot engage in any form of unauthorized communication). Each Money Bridge table on BBO consists of a human-robot partnership playing against another human-robot partnership. The human-robot aspect of Money Bridge on BBO also contributes to making these games extremely fair as all human participants will be partnered with a player (robot) of exactly the same skill level.

The form of money used in our Money Bridge games is known as Money Bridge Dollars (or MB$). Players can buy MB$ using their credit cards, or by mailing us a check. Unlike Bridge Base Dollars (or BB$) that are used in other areas of our site, MB$ can later be converted back into "real" money. Players who buy or sell MB$ are responsible for all credit card transaction fees (typically around 3%). These fees can be avoided by conducting all transactions via check, but we can only accept checks that are drawn on banks that are physically located in the USA.

Money Bridge on BBO uses total points (i.e., not duplicate) scoring. The amount of money that each human wins or loses on a given deal is a function of the score that was achieved on that deal and the stake that the humans agreed to play for. For example, if a human bids and makes a vulnerable 3NT (for 600 points) at a 1-cent table, he would win $6.00 and in a 1/2-cent game he would win $3.00. The other human player would lose the equivalent amount of money.

The house (i.e., BBO) charges a 5-point commission per player per hand. So in a 1-cent game each player would pay a 5 cent fee per hand and in a 1/2-cent game each player would pay a 2 1/2 cent fee each hand. Neither human is charged a commission when a deal is passed out. When you agree to play Money Bridge against a particular human, you are committing to playing only one hand.

After each hand of Money Bridge is complete, both players have the option of whether or not they want to continue playing. If a player abandons a Money Bridge game in the middle of a hand (a practice that we try to discourage), the result of the hand in question (and the amount of money that changes hand) will be decided by four robot players who will continue the bidding and play from where it stopped when the player left the game.

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