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Watch Bridge

You can now choose to watch anonymously, or log in with a username.

Watch - Take me to an interesting table: Tap this and immediately join a table popular with other kibitzers.
Watch - list interesting tables: Tap this and see a list of interesting tables where kibitzers are welcome. Vugraphs, team games and main bridge club tables will be listed based on the number of kibitzers already attending. Tap 'Join' to watch a particular table.
Watch Vugraph: Tap "Vugraph" where you will see a list of tables. Tap 'Join' to watch a particular table.

Watch anonymously

You can log in by tapping Watch Anonymously. Choose a table you'd like to watch from the list of tables we show you, and tap the 'Join' button for that table. The list of tables may include live Vugraph broadcasts and/or tables we think would be particularly interesting. Those tables will usually show play by "Star" players or those tables which have attracted a large number of kibitzers.

To see the score: Tap on the score pad Results
To see the results of a hand from another table: In a Vugraph or team match, tap on 'Other Table'.
To listen to commentary: If a table has voice commentary, tap the 'Start Listening' button.
To leave a table: Tap the 'Back' button at the top of your screen.

Depending on your mobile device and its operating system, you may get disconnected from BBO if you switch to another task.

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