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To access the setting preferences tap the Gear icon:

Sound: Tap to turn off (default is on).

Wide View: This only works if your tablet screen is in the Unlocked position. Hold your tablet sideways and the chat window changes from below the table to the right side of the table.

Tap the Gear icon and select Wide View On. The chat window disappears. Chat messages will be displayed in the center of the table as a bubble message. Tap Reply to answer, or tap anywhere in the message bubble to close it.

Pictures of Cards: "On" will show graphics imitating real life playing cards. "Off" - hand is displayed as a diagram with numbers and letters of cards.
Show East/West verically: Default "On" displays opponents' card vertically (up/down). "Off" Displays the opponents cards Horizontally.
Card animation: "On" enables for more time to look and study the trick. "Off" for higher play speed.
Zoom when playing "On" Only your cards and dummy's cards will be displayed and you will have more screen area. "Off" All four hands will be displayed with less screen area.
Confirm cards: "On" Tap a card once to select, tap a second time to play that card. "Off" single tap selects and plays card
Confirm bids: "On" Tap the suit and number to select the bid, tap the "OK" button to confirm the bid. "Off" Tap the suit and number to make bid, no confirmation
Show played cards: When replaying a deal in the Results screen "On" played cards remain on the screen highlighted in a different color. "Off" only unplayed cards remain on the screen.

Click "Close" to exit Settings window and return to table.

Table Options

To access Table Options, table host taps the down arrow on the top right hand side of the screen, then tap Table Options

Scoring: Tap the scoring type desired: Bidding, Duplicate IMPs, Duplicate MPs
Description: Tap in the box to bring up the keyboard, and type in the description
Allow Kibitzers: "On" allows kibitzers. "Off" disallows kibitzers and removes any kibitzers from the table.
Kibitzers can chat with players: "On" allows chat. "Off" Kibitzers cannot chat.
Permission required to kibitiz: "On" kibitzers must ask to watch. Default is "Off" - allows kibitzers
Permission required to play: "On" players must ask to play. Default is "Off"
Invisible: "On" table is invisible. Default is "Off"
Reserve seats: Tap in the blank player seat to bring up keyboard; type in username. To remove a reservation tap the "X" next to the username
Remove a player: Tap the username
Reset Score: Tap down arrow; tap Table Options; tap Reset Score. Then tap Close

After setting or changing a Table Option, tap Apply and Close. To exit from table options without any changes, tap Close.

Depending on your mobile device and its operating system, you may get disconnected from BBO if you switch to another task.

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