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Play - Take me to the first available seat: Tap this button and you'll be seated at a table.
Play - Take me and my partner to a table: Tap this button and fill your partner's username in the popup window, tap Invite. You will join a table if two seats are available, or be seated at a new table, and the player who sent the invitation will become table host.
Sitting in an empty seat: Tap the seat name and you will either be seated immediately or a request will be sent to the table host asking for permission to be seated.
Leaving a seat: To leave a seat, tap on your username. Tap "yes" to confirm you want to leave, tap "no" to stay seated. If you tap neither, you will remain seated. Tapping "Back" acts the same as tapping your username.
General Information: The board number and vulnerability are marked in the top left corner of the screen: Board number Red means vulnerable, and white means non-vulnerable. Here E/W is vulnerable, N/S is not vulnerable.
How to Bid: When it is your turn to bid, the bidding box appears on your screen, above the cards. To bid, tap a number, then a suit symbol. For example, to bid 2 Hearts tap number 2, then .
Alert a Bid: Tap the bid level (1, 2, 3...) - tap in the open space next to Alert, and type in the explanation. Finish the bid (c, d, h, s, or NT), and then tap OK.
Answer Bid Query: Tap in the open space next to Alert, and type in the explanation. Finish the bid (c, d, h, s, or NT), and then tap OK
Query Bid: Tap the bid - a popup will appear on opponents' screen to be completed.
How to Play: When it is your turn to play, the square next to your name becomes highlighted in blue like this: South's turn Tap a card to play.
Results: After the deal is played, the score is displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen: Score Tap Results to review individual hand results.
Leave Table: Tap the "Back" button at the top to leave the table.  

Play Anonymously: You will be seated at a table with three robots and you will not have the ability to choose a table, see friends, or invite a partner. The human player (you) will always sit South. Because you will be playing anonymously, you will not currently be able to chat or track your scores using this BBO mobile application. Find out more about the robot system here. See How to Bid described above. All bids are automatically alerted and explained. Press the bidding box and hold to see how your robot partner will understand a bid you have made. You can find the meaning of any bid by tapping the completed bid in the bidding diagram.

Depending on your mobile device and its operating system, you may get disconnected from BBO if you switch to another task.

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