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MB$ - Your Special Money Bridge Account

After reading about our Money Bridge games in the topics above, if playing bridge for money sounds interesting and something you'd like to try, you will have to have a special Bridge Base Online (BBO) account. The money you will use in our Money Bridge games is called Money Bridge Dollars or MB$. Here's how to set up your MB$ account.

Under the heading Play or Watch Bridge, click List all tables, then Play Bridge for Money and finally, click Manage Your Money Bridge Dollar (MB$) Account.

At the new menu you can choose to add dollars to your MB$ account, you can show your MB$ activity and check your balance, and you can withdraw part or all of your MB$ balance. Note that although BB$ can't be refunded, you can ask for a refund of your MB$ balance. We can refund this to you through Paypal or by sending you a check (only if you live in the US for checks).

You will be charged a small service fee for your MB$ purchase, the percentage depends on the state or country where you reside and originate the MB$ transaction.

Although you can use your MB$ to play in our tournaments that require an entry fee, you will not be able to use your BB$ to play in our Money Bridge games.

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