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Mail and Messaging

With all the new friends you will make here and all the old friends you want to keep in touch with, Bridge Base Online (BBO) has made our BBO email and messaging system easy for you to use. You can access our messaging system in several different ways.

Mailbox Manager

First to check and see if you have any mail, you can click on the My BBO button. You will find that at the top of the screen in the horizontal row of buttons. After you click on My BBO you will find a "Mailbox" button the bottom of the popup menu. Click on that to read and answer your BBO email.

If you have any messages, the mailbox manager will list them.

Click the Open button to the right of the message you want to read. Click Reply to send an answer. Or click Delete to remove the message from your list of messages.

Click Compose Mail to send a new message to another player on the site.

Click Delete All to remove all messages from your list on the mailbox manager. To close the mailbox manager, click Close.


As you are notified when one of your friends or somebody you are following logs in, you can initiate a conversation with them by clicking on their name shown on the system generated message you get then. If you do this, you will notice the name of that friend at the bottom of your screen to the immediate left of your chat bar. This shows you that anything you type in your chat bar will go to that person privately.

You can also send a chat message to any friend who is logged on at the same time you are.

To do that, find the name on your Friends or Following list, click on the name of the person to whom you want to send a message, click on the PIN button (which 'pins' the profile to your screen and prevents it from fading out), and begin your chat session with your friend directly from his profile. The pin is located on the top of the profile immediately to the left of the "X" in the upper right hand corner.

Another way to begin to chat with one of your friends is to type the first few letters of his name in the above mentioned box to the immediate right of your chat bar. You can now highlight his name (or another friend), from the popup menu that shows a listing of your friends. You can also leave email for one of your friends who is not online at the moment using this method.

If you want to leave email for a friend who is not online at the moment, simply type the first few letters of the friends name into the same box to the immediate right of your chat bar, click on the name you want from the list, type the message, and it will go to your friend's mailbox, ready for him to read the next time he logs onto BBO.

Yet a third way to access our mail system for a friend who is not yet online is to click on My BBO, click on Manage the players I follow and ignore, find the friend you want to contact on the alphabetical list of names, and click on his name. Clicking on his name brings up that person's profile with a chat bar at the bottom. You will notice if the person isn't online that the chat bar ends in the word mail instead of the word chat. Once you type your message and click "mail" you will get a notice, "Mail delivered to (your friend's name)." You will probably always want to PIN the profile to the screen while you're writing your BBO email.

I hope these tips help you keep in touch with old and new friends, make dates to play in our tournaments, talk about your bidding system, discuss played hands, and just generally stay in contact.

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