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How to start a teaching table

On the Bridge Base Online (BBO) home screen, click on Start a table, then click Start a teaching table.

You can enter a Description of the table, reserve seats for students and define the privacy options of the table you intend to set up:

Click on Start table to get started.

If you have reserved seats for your students, they will be sent an automatic invitation to join you.

Click on a seat to sit.

The teacher can sit in one, two, three or all four seats.

If the teacher sits in several seats, s/he should bid and play for all seats, in turn. Each seat becomes highlighted when it is its turn to bid or play.

Once you sit at the table the free seats will have a Robot button – so that you can use Robots at the table if necessary, and IF the table host has an active subscription for the robots.

The teacher has absolute control over the table. S/he can claim, redeal or undo anytime, regardless of whose turn it is to bid or play next.

Teaching Table Options

Some great new teaching table options have been introduced, one of which is very useful for the more serious players who enjoy using BBO to practice bidding. If you're using the new BBO version, choose to open a "Teaching Table" and you will get to experiment with these new options. More tools to help teachers coming soon, so keep an eye out for good news! The ability to use voice at teaching tables was just recently introduced.

Click the Options button at the top of the screen when you are the host of a teaching table, and you will see a new link called Teaching Options.

When you select this item, a dialog box will appear, and you can select from the following:

  • Choose if players will see only their own hands, or all 4 hands.
  • Choose if kibitzers will see only one (specified) hand or all 4 hands.
  • Choose if the host, when playing and sitting in 1 seat, will see only 1 hand or all 4 hands.
  • The last option is interesting. If you and your partner are practicing bidding, (perhaps using constrained deals), and you would like to play out the hands after bidding, you can now open a "Teaching Table" and select the relevant option. So this feature rates to be a fantastic one for all serious players.

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