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How to Create Folders of Prepared Deals

In order to create a bridge hand, open the Hand Editor and use it to assign 13 cards to each of the players. You can also use the Hand Editor to edit previously saved hands.

The Hand Editor can be found by clicking on Hands and Results, on the Bridge Base Online (BBO) home page, as shown below:

How to assign 13 cards to each of the players

Something like the following will appear at the right side of the window:

To assign cards to the players, click the appropriate cards in the area in the center of the window. Each time you click a card it will be assigned to the player whose name is highlighted (e.g., South in the picture above). If you click a wrong card by mistake, click the same card again in the hand that it was (wrongly) assigned to and that card will be moved back to the middle of the screen. If you want to start from scratch at any point you can click the New deal button in the left half of the window.

Once the highlighted player has been assigned 13 cards, the next player clockwise will become highlighted and you can assign 13 cards to that hand. Once 3 hands have been assigned 13 cards, the 4th hand will automatically be assigned the remaining 13 cards.

When all 52 cards have been dealt, you will be asked to click on the seat of the dealer (click either North, South, East, or West). If you change your mind or click the wrong seat by mistake, you can change the dealer to a new player at this point by clicking on the appropriate seat. The vulnerability can be changed by clicking on the graphic at the top-left of the deal diagram:

You can also annotate the hand, by adding your comments in the Add annotations box, on the left of the table.

How to save the prepared deals

Click on the Export deal button, at the bottom of the table, and select Save deal as:

A window will pop up, prompting you to type a title for this deal and select where to save it.

Let’s say we will name this first prepared deal “Deal1” and we intend to save it in a new folder, named “Transfers”. So you type “Deal1” in the Title for the Deal tab, and click on Create new folder in order to make your new “Transfers” folder. Like below:

Once you have created the folder “Transfers” click on “Save” in order to save “Deal1” in it.

After you have saved this first deal in the folder entitled “Transfers” you can create a new deal. You can click on “New deal” and enter it manually or, if you click on “Redeal”, the Hand Editor generates a random hand. In the “Deal Source” button you can either set constraints for the hands you intend to generate…:

…or you can edit previously saved hands:

The new deals created can be saved in the same folder “Transfers”, by typing a Title for each Deal, then clicking “Save” on the line of the Folder where you want to save them:

Or you can create another folder (let’s say you want to create folder “Stayman”), and save your prepared deals there:

So you can create/generate/load now a new set of deals and save them in the separate folder “Stayman”:

Access the folders of deals by clicking on the “My BBO” button, at the top of the screen, then selecting “Hands and Results”. Your folders will be listed right under “My Favorite Hands”:

In order to see them, click on “Show”. This will open your Folder and inside you will find the sets of deals prepared (in our examples, Folder Transfers contains Deal1 and Deal2, and Folder Stayman contains TestDeal1 and TestDeal2):

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