Bridge Base Online Help


You will notice when you log on to Bridge Base Online (BBO) at the far right of your screen three vertical tabs. One of these is, "Who's Online." Clicking that opens three more tabs - Friends, Hosts, and Stars. Clicking on each tab will show you a list of those people who are currently online on BBO.

One of those tabs reads Hosts. By clicking on that you will see a column of names in yellow. These 'yellow' names are people who are here to help you. They may be employees of BBO who actually work here, or they may be volunteers whose love of bridge has led them to volunteer to help other players get around on BBO.

So what do they do? Well if you have a technical question about our interface, they are here to give you the answer. For instance, you may want to know about the VuGraph schedule. Just click on one of the yellow names and ask. He, or she will then be able to give you a link to the schedule, or tell you where to find the results.

Our yellow hosts can even sometimes help you with bridge questions and advice or tell you how they might bid a particular hand. And if they can't they can usually point you to a web-site where you can get that information.

Sometimes you will find yourself at a table in one of our social rooms, the Main bridge club or the Relaxed bridge club and find that your table host has wandered away and forgotten that he was still online. If you send a message to a yellow host he can come remove that player so your bridge game can proceed.

One of the yellow names you will find online at convenient times is BBO HELP. This person has extensive knowledge of all BBO interfaces and what you can do and should not do while playing bridge here. The username "BBO HELP," along with the other yellow names online, are here specifically to answer questions, help you along, and point you to solutions to problems.

You should feel free to take advantage of this free service that BBO has provided for you, and call on a yellow Host whenever you need help.

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