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Help Me Find a Game

Although you will find a variety of tournaments available here on Bridge Base Online (BBO), there will be times when you don't want to commit to a chunk of time, but would just like to play a few hands. Here's how to start or join tables in our casual play rooms. We have a variety of ways for you to start or find a table to your liking.

First, under the heading Play or Watch Bridge, you can click on Help me find a game.

Now you are shown a menu where you can further customize your choices. If you are in a hurry and really don't care where you sit because you just want to play a few hands, under the heading Play Bridge, click on the top line Take me to the first seat available. You will be seated, typically within seconds, and play will start.

If you have preferences as to which bridge club and scoring type, click the yellow Preferences button and choose from several options on the popup window. This will filter the tables looking for a player and only a table with your specifications will be selected. Click OK to complete your preferences.

You have a partner

If you want to find a table quickly but only if you can play with your partner, you will choose I have a partner. Take us to a table. You can choose Preferences for you and your partner by using the yellow Preferences button. Clicking this option initiates a popup window where you are asked "Who is your partner?"

Now you type in partner's name, click send invitation and once your partner accepts you and he will be seated.

Play with GIB Robots

If you want to play a few hands without waiting for a table, and you have a robot subscription, click the link Take me to a table with 3 robots.

Your table preferences will be set the same as they were the last time you played at a table with three robots.

To change your preferences you click on the yellow Preferences button. A server message will verify that you are ready to play. Click Yes to start the game or No to change preferences or go do something else.

List Interesting Tables

Choose this option if you have time to browse the open tables looking for players. You will now be shown a list of tables that will most likely contain Star players or players with a high BBO points rating, and you can decide for yourself which one looks like the most fun to play in or watch. These games are sorted by the number of kibitzers already watching a table.

To view other kibitzers at the table after you've joined click on Who's Online on the far right, top horizontal row of tabs, and then click the Kibitzers tab on the far right. The list of others enjoying the same table with you will appear on the right hand side of the screen in alphabetical order.

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