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General Guidelines for Teaching Tables

Teaching tables can be set up for a wide variety of audiences, from one-on-one, where the host bids and plays three or all four hands - to open teaching, where the host kibitzes and provides comment and instruction. There may be no other kibitzers, or dozens. The table may be made invisible or be in a private club. So the guidelines below are just general suggestions.

For one-on-one teaching, set up the table whichever way you feel fit. You can make it invisible, or disallow kibitzers – or you can leave it open and mention in the description “private session”. In that case it would probably be a good idea to disallow chat from kibitzers.

The following guidelines are for tables with larger audiences.

- If your table is open to kibitzers (an audience), then make sure the table Description tells the purpose of the teaching session and the intended audience (beginners, intermediates, people learning Precision, etc.)

- If you are going to have different foursomes sit for sets of deals, consider having someone act as your assistant. This person can handle lining up foursomes for the next set of deals and finding substitutes. This allows you to concentrate on the main task at hand (teaching).

- If you are using random deals, these are uniquely generated hands, and they are not saved in the players’ statistics. If you like one particular hand you need to save it at the end of the lesson, otherwise you cannot retrieve it later. Same goes for your students – they can use the Options button, at the bottom of the My Results panel and click on Export deal > Save hand as... if they wish to review the lesson later.

- If you are going to use prepared hands, put some effort into their preparation. It is surprising how differently people react to a deal. You may have one point in mind, but the deal may bring out other facets of bridge. Be prepared to refine your deals for your future use.

- Establish roughly how long your session will be. You may want to suggest your audience save the chat at the end of the session so they can review the lesson at their leisure (select all chat with CTRL+A, copy with CTRL+C, then paste with CTRL+V in a separate text document).

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