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Creating a Tournament

Setting up a tournament is easy and intuitive with this version of Bridge Base Online (BBO).

When you log into BBO, look at the upper right side of the BBO window and you will see various tabs labeled Who's Online, My Results, and, if you have been approved to create tournaments, you will see the Director tab.

To set up a tournament you click the Director tab. It will show you two tabs, Running Tournaments and Pending Tournaments along with information as to your games scheduled, or if no games are scheduled.

Below those two tabs are two buttons, Create Tournament and Popup. The Popup button allows you to see and work tournaments with a separate popup screen. But for now, we're concentrating on creating your tournaments.

1) Click the Create Tournament button, and a new window pops up displaying the Tournament tab. You will fill in the blanks to set up your tournament on this new window.

2) First in the Identification section, under "Title", you fill in the name of your tournament.

3) In the "Welcome" space , you can fill in a short message here - optional

4) "Description" : A larger space to write the rules of your game, and any special instructions that you need players to follow in your games. For example you might want to mention if you have given players the option to play with a robot for a partner. This feature is available even on otherwise 'free' tournaments.

5) "Time until start" : The up and down arrows make this section very easy to navigate, or you can manually type in numbers. As you manipulate the time settings, a server message will tell you the date and time for your game.

6) "Directors": The tournament creator is automatically added as a director. To add other directors, type their username in the space next to the Add button, and then click Add. Deleting a director is done in this same box. Click the word Delete next to a director's username to remove them from the list.

7) "Format" : The default is Pairs. To change to Individual format, click that button.

The creation of the tournament is now partially completed.

On to the next section.

8) Click the Format tab at the top of your tournament creation page. Here is where you define how long your tournament will be, if it is clocked or unclocked, survivor (don't forget to select the cut percentage on Survivor games), scoring type and if the Barometer is on. Under Deal Source you can choose random deals, or used saved deals to access hands you created specially for the game.

9) Now click the Options tab. This is where you decide if kibitzing is allowed, if the players and/or kibitzers can chat to the tournament, and if Undos are permitted. The default is that kibitzers and undos are not allowed. To change these options, the boxes must be checked. Unchecked boxes means the options are not allowed.

10) Click the tab for Entries next. To change the number of pairs or players which are able to register in your tournament, use the up or down arrows next to the space, or highlight the default number and type over it.

11) Under the tab for Entries there is a default box for "Allow Robots." For pairs games, this gives players in your game the option to 'hire' a GIB robot to play with them, by paying an entry fee. This highly popular feature can increase the number of tables in your game as people don't have to go without a partner. To disallow this default, uncheck the box for "Allow Robots." Make your selections under this tab before moving on.

12) Next make your selections for Restrictions. The option for Include players by player level pops up a window where you can decide what level of player can participate. Unchecked boxes mean that level of player cannot participate, and the level is determined by the player profiles. The default is all levels of players are permitted. You can create and manage a custom player list by clicking the box and then clicking the Manage custom list.

13) Finally, click the button for Create Tournament. A BBO Server message will show up with the tournament number. To verify your tournament is in the list, click the Pending Tournaments tab.

Click the Popup button and review the settings of your tournament in the window. Again you will see two tabs, one for Running Tournaments and one for Pending Tournaments.

You are ready for directing your tournament.

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