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Convention Cards


According to the rules of bridge, your opponents are entitled to know about any bidding and defensive carding agreements that you and your partner make. Convention Cards are used, both on Bridge Base Online (BBO) and in "real life" duplicate bridge clubs and tournaments, as the primary mechanism for disclosing your partnership agreements to the opponents.

Some of our tournaments, notably our ACBL tournaments, absolutely require that you play either the Basic SAYC convention card posted for you, or post your own card. You cannot play ACBL tournaments with a profile. You have to play the posted card. This is an ACBL rule for their sanctioned tournaments.

Editing and Creating A Card

Click My BBO on the top horizontal row of buttons, and select Convention Cards by clicking on that link in the drop down menu.

This pulls up a list of stock convention cards for you to use as they are, or you can modify them to suit your preferences, and then save them in your list of My Convention Cards.

To change a stock convention card, click Edit and once you have made your changes, put your cursor in the Title space and give it your own name, for example the name of the partner you are going to play the card with, or the name of a tournament where you will play the card.

Create a brand new card by clicking one of the buttons on the list of all the convention cards. For example, clicking New ACBL CC with bring up the standard ACBL convention card you are familiar with when playing in your favorite club or tournament. Complete the card just as you normally do, and then save it with a new name by putting your cursor in the Title space and overwrite with your own name.

To change a card in the list of My Convention Cards click the link to Delete, Show, or Edit.

Using a Convention Card

Click the NS CC or EW CC button on the horizontal list of links below the table for your partnership seating position, and that brings up the list of convention cards. Select your card and post it.

When you sit down to play with a partner in a Bridge Club on BBO or when you register to play in a tournament with a partner, BBO will see if your partnership has already established a Convention Card by looking at your list of My Convention Cards for your partner's username. If it has, then you will be notified and BBO will use the appropriate Convention Card for your partnership once play starts.

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