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Club Name


ACBL ACBL - American Contract Bridge League Web site   E-mail
ABA ABA - American Bridge Association Web site   E-mail
BBO Nordic Nordic Bridge Federations Web site   E-mail
EBU English Bridge Union Web site   E-mail
AEB Asociacion Espanola de Bridge Web site   E-mail
aacol Acol Players' Bridge Club Web site    E-mail
BBO France BBO France Web site    E-mail
Hellas BBO Hellas Web site    Contact Us
BILmanager BILies Retreat BIL manager: Hallway    Web site    E-mail
BBOHornets BBO Hornets Web site    E-mail
LESSON BBO Intermediate Advanced Bridge Club E-mail
BBO_IAC BBO Intermediate Advanced Club Web site    E-mail
BBOITA_L BBO ITALIA - Didattica e Agonismo Web site     E-mail
BBO ITALIA BBO ITALIA - Nuovo Bridge Insieme Web site    E-mail
juniorsBBO BBO Juniors Bridge Club Web site
Nederland BBO Nederland E-mail
Galaxy Club Galaxy Club E-mail
bboturkiye BBO Turkiye Web site    E-mail
rlabouze2 CWF - Cyberclub Webridge France Web site
HBManager HomeBase Club Web site     E-mail
Alpil Latin American Club for Young People (ILACY) Web site     E-mail
szemrobber Magyar Klub Web site     E-mail
Otto Ray's Bridge Ladder Web site     E-mail
bbo fans ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK Web site     Contact us
Satto Satto's Bridge Club Web site     Contact us
SB_HOST Skandinavia Benelux Bridgefriend Web site     E-mail
SKY CLUB Sky Club Web site     E-mail
Eamongall The Ireland Bridge Club Web site     E-mail
TotalPoint The Total Points Tournaments Bridge Club Web site     E-mail
uni_geert The University Bridge Club Web site     E-mail
mikefofva The WP Refugees' Bridge Club E-mail
CALABRES Unibridge Club Web site     E-mail or     E-mail

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