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How do I look up my Masterpoint balance?

There are times when you will probably want to see how you are doing in the area of the Masterpoints you have won on Bridge Base Online (BBO). All the points you win on BBO by playing in those games requiring an entry fee count towards raising the number on your profile. But only the points you win in our ACBL sanctioned tournaments are reported to the ACBL.

Check Your Masterpoints

Under the heading My BBO on the right hand side of your screen, click the link for Masterpoints.

The next screen will show your masterpoint award symbol, total points earned as of that moment, and a list of all the BBO award symbols and point requirements.

Click the link on that screen for Masterpoint History. Clicking on that will show you how many masterpoints you have won in all the different tournaments that award BBO (or ACBL) points

The details for each category are links. Click the total for each category for a history by month and then by day.

You can also bookmark this link on your mobile devices to have easy access to your masterpoint history. Masterpoints Link. Type your username in the space and click Go.

Check Masterpoint Races

Under the heading BBO Today is a link for Masterpoint and Races.

Lots of information on the masterpoint races is available under the various links.

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