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How do I look up my account balance and activity?

We have tried to make it easy for you to keep up with your BB$ activity.

The first way we have done this is to send you a system message when you first log on to Bridge Base Online (BBO). Each time you log on you will see a message:

Account balance: BB $?.?? MB $?.??

Of course, the question marks will be replaced with your actual balance in both BB$ and MB$ (if any). This gives you a heads-up early if you are running low so you can add to your BB$ account if necessary rather than trying to join a tournament only to find out you are out of BB$.

On the top horizontal row of buttons, next to the My BBO, button is a BB$ button.

On the left side of your screen is the link for your BB$ Account.

Both the BB$ Account link and the BB$ button open up the same screen with more options.

Select the option for Account Activity to get to the log in window for your account history.

At this new window you will sign in with your BBO user name and password, and select either Show recent activity or Show all activity to see everything that has happened with your account.

Recent Activity shows the last 20 entries on your BB$ account. Show all activity will give you the last 500 tournament entry fees and robot subscriptions on the account, as well as all deposits and transfers from the beginning.

Both Recent Activity and Show all Activity give you information on the time activity took place on your account, what the purchase was (for instance, card fee), how much you were charged for this event, your remaining balance, a description of what the BB$ was used for (for instance, Tourney Entry Fee), and the details of the transaction. This last part of your account activity screen shows you the number of the tournament you played, what kind of tournament it was (for instance, ACBL), and the directors on duty for that tournament.

Robot subscription rentals look like this:

Commercial content /gib/7.lin

Deposits to your BB$ account have a blue background, making them easy to see in the list. Finally you will find on this list of transactions any transfers you have made, any prizes you have won and any refunds or other credits you have been given.

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