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Calling the director - When, Why and How

There will be times during a tournament when you're going to need a director at your table. This could be when you need a question answered, when there appears to be a procedural problem or when you feel you need a ruling on the laws of bridge.

The tournament director is there to make sure the game progresses smoothly, that the rules of that particular tournament are followed, and that the players have an enjoyable time. Since you have carefully read the rules of that tournament before you joined, you understand that it will be fruitless to argue with a director who penalized you for your psychic bid, when the rules were clear that psychs were not allowed in that game.

We would like to caution you about attempting to make the directorial assessment yourself of what is going wrong and what should be done about it. This can just cause conflict, adds to the table problems, annoys the opponents and maybe even start an argument. Let the tournament director solve any problems and make the rulings since that's why he's there.

The button you should click to call a Tournament Director is found towards the bottom of your screen next to the Table button. It is marked Director! Clicking on that sends a message to a director on duty that he is needed at your table. When he arrives at the table, it's helpful for the caller to be ready to describe the problem clearly so the director can do his job.

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