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Bridge Base Online Dollars (BB$)

Bridge Base Dollars (BB$) is the virtual currency used on BBO for our premium services like American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) tournament entry fees or software rental. It is not cash and cannot be withdrawn as cash and is non-refundable. Any time you want to pay an entry fee for a tournament, rent the GIB robots, or play in any of the robot games, BB$ is what will be used. So in order to have BB$ available to you, you should set up your account ahead of time so payment won't be an issue when you get ready to play.

Once you have a BB$ account, your current BB$ account balance will be shown to you by a system message each time you log on. This is an easy way to keep up with your balance so you won't be caught short on time when you want to join a tournament and find that you're out of BB$. We let you by know by this private message what BB$ balance remains, as a courtesy.

Set up your BB$ Account

There are various ways to purchase BB$. You can save your credit card for easier 1-Click purchases in the future, or select the auto-purchase option to automatically refill your BB$ account when your balance drops below a certain amount.

To set up your BB$ account you have two places available for you to click. At the top menu or task bar, you can click on the BB$ button (next to MY BBO button). You can also, on the left, click on the BB$ Account link. By clicking on either one of these buttons, you will be shown another screen where you can fully manage your BB$ account, or send us an email with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your BB$ account, including requests for BB$ transfers more than once every six months.

When you click on either the BB$ button or Purchase BB$ link, you will be shown a screen where you choose to pay with a credit or debit card, or choose to pay with your Paypal account. To purchase with a credit card or debit card, you log into the left side of the screen with your BBO name and password, and then click Continue. To pay with your Paypal account, you use the right hand side of the screen and click the link that says "Click here to pay with Paypal." Just bear in mind that when you pay by credit card or debit card (by signing in on the left side of our payment page), your BB$ account is updated instantly. When you pay with your Paypal account by eCheck, there is a normal delay of from 3 to 10 days for the eCheck to clear.

So suppose you are paying with a credit card or debit card, and you have signed in on the left with your BBO username and password, you have clicked the Continue button and you are now on the second page, our payment page form.

Fill out this payment page form, being sure to fill in all the blanks. All the drop down menus must have a selection made and all blanks are required EXCEPT Address (Line 2) which can be left blank if your street address all fits on the Address line.

Make sure you have all the blanks filled in with the information your credit card issuer expects to see. Type your first and last name as they appear on the card, no need to use a middle initial.

Make sure you have completed all the drop down menus properly. These include the amount, the country, the expiration date on the front of the credit card, and the state or province. If your country does not have a state or province, you can repeat the city/town name.

Make sure you include the CVV (security code) for the card, which will be either 3 or 4 digits on the back, the last set of numbers above the signature line. If you are using American Express it will be four digits and it will be located on the front of the card.

Remember CC# box

The Remember CC# option will allow BBO to save your details for future use. The objective is only to save you some typing the next time you purchase something on Bridge Base Online.

If selected, then when purchasing BB$, we save all your information. Your credit card information is encrypted and saved by the credit card payment processing service we use, never on BBO's servers. In the future, you'll get a simpler screen that only requires you to select the amount.

Once you are satisfied everything is accurate click the Purchase button and wait.

An email receipt will go to the email address on the payment page form, so make sure that there are no typographic errors on your email address.

1-Click Purchasing

You elected to use the Remember CC# option and you have logged back into the payment page form, and you want to use the same credit card as last time. You just have to decide how much BB$ you wish to purchase by clicking the down arrow next to the dollar amount, and then click the Purchase button.

If you want to make any changes to the payment page form itself, including personal information, the credit card information, expiration date, email address, phone number, or to stop utilizing 1-Click purchasing or Auto-Purchase, click the "Update saved settings or credit card" link which takes you back to the payment page form.

Update Saved Settings or Credit Card

A special note about "Update saved settings or credit card" - whenever you change information on the payment page form, you must re-enter your credit card number and security code. This is especially important when changing your expiration date.

Don't worry if you see grayed out astericks in the credit card number and security code spaces. Just put your cursor in the space and start typing. It will overwrite the information.

Auto-Purchase BB$

Purchasing BB$ is easier and more convenient than ever! You now have the option to auto=purchase BB$ when your account balance drops below a certain amount. Make sure to check the "Remember CC#" checkbox when purchasing BB$ and all your information, including the credit card number will be saved by our credit card processor on their servers (not on BBO servers).

When your balance drops below an amount you choose, you authorize Bridge Base Online to purchase BB$ when your balance is running low. Click the down arrow next to "Never" and decide how much you wish to add to your account once a certain threshold in your account balance has been crossed. Then click the orange button to Update auto-purchase.

Never miss a tournament start again! An accurate email address is very important for auto purchase accounts - in the event your card is declined or experiences any sort of error message, an automatic email is sent to you advising you of the problem.

The auto-purchase option is only available if you have allowed our credit card processor to retain your credit card information on their server with the same "Remember CC#" option.

To disable future automatic purchases, click the "Update saved settings or credit card" link to return to the payment page form, and then select "Never" from the "Auto purchase" menu by using the drop down arrow next to the amount of your auto purchase preference you selected previously, and click the orange button to "Update auto-purchase."

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