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How to Play

Under the heading Play or Watch Bridge, click List all tables followed by Play Bridge for Money (which will appear only if Money Bridge is legal where you live). You will then be presented with a menu that contains a list of Money Bridge-related functions.

Before you start playing you should click Conditions of Contest and familiarize yourself with the rules for Money Bridge. Then you can either choose to start your own Money Bridge Table (click Start new Table) or look at a list of tables that have already been started but are awaiting the arrival of a second human player.

If you choose to start your own table, you will be presented with a dialog box that allows you to select the stake at which the game will be played as well as the skill and speed of the robots at your table. Our robots, just like human players, tend to play better if you give them more time to "think". So there is a trade-off between skill and speed. Whether or not robot skill or speed is more important to you is largely a matter of personal taste.

Once you have created your own Money Bridge table, other players will be able to see your table in the list of open tables. If a given human player sees your table in this list and wants to play against you, you will receive a permission request that contains the User Profile of the player in question. You can then decide whether or not you want to play against that person.

Similarly, if you choose to look at the list of open tables (as opposed to starting your own table), you will be able to examine the User Profile of the Money Bridge players who are looking for opponents. If you see a table that you would like to join, click the appropriate Play! button on this list. The player who started that table will then receive a permission request, be able to examine your User Profile, and then either accept or reject your request as he or she sees fit.

The list of open Money Bridge tables will update itself automatically as new tables are created and as existing tables in the list are filled.

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