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What's different in Money Bridge

Most aspects of Money Bridge on Bridge Base Online (BBO) are identical to other forms of bridge that we offer. For example, our Money Bridge games consist of a series of bridge deals scored by total points (i.e., not duplicate) in which the basic mechanics of bidding and play are just like what you would expect. However, there are some notable differences:

- The dealer and the vulnerability of each deal is determined randomly (whereas in "normal" bridge dealer and vulnerability are determined by the number of the board being played).

- Due to the fact that all human players in our Money Bridge games are partnered with identical robots players, there is no need to alert or explain the bids that you make. For similar reasons there are no convention cards in Money Bridge games.

- You can greatly decrease the chances of having a bidding misunderstanding with your robot partner by examining how the robot will interpret your bid BEFORE you actually make it. This can be accomplished by moving your mouse over the appropriate button(s) in the bidding box - whenever the robot "understands" a particular bid you are considering an explanation of that bid will be displayed.

- When each deal is complete both human players will be asked if they want to play another deal. If they both agree then play will continue. Otherwise the table will be closed.

- In the interest of keeping our Money Bridge games moving at a reasonable pace the software imposes a time limit for each human bid or play. You will be warned if you are in danger of reaching this limit and, if the limit is reached, the table will close automatically and the incomplete deal will be "settled" by four robot players.

- Similarly, if at least one of the human players abandons the table in the middle of a deal (a practice that we try to discourage), four robot players will be used to determine a score for the deal in question.

- Players cannot request undos or redeals in Money Bridge games. Claims are allowed (and encouraged!), but only the other human player (and not his robot partner) is involved in deciding whether or not to accept a claim.

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