BBO mobile help

Navigate the different functions of BBO by using the tab bar at the bottom of the app. This is a brief outline of what each tab is used for:
Navigating around BBO

This app is divided into 5 main tabs that you can select for more game choices and options. To make a selection, tap the choice you prefer.

In most secondary screens, there will also be a back button at the top to help you go back a level.

You may also see 1 or 2 selection tools on the top right hand side. These provide further options like chatting, logging out, or when you are at a table, convention card options.

If you are seated at a table, you will be able to navigate to the other tabs without losing your session and place at the table. (you can take your seat at a table, then switch to History to check out hand records at the table, then tap on Play again to go back to the table view.)

Finally, some options are presented as dropdown menu options - if you see a ▼, that means there are more options you can play with. For instance, choosing between IMP, MP and Total Points games using the dropdown menu.

Play Tab

Choose from a wide variety of games to play or watch.

Solitaire is where you can get a quick, low-stress game when you have no partner in tow.

Competitive comprises of all the Tournaments (ACBL, BBO, etc), Challenges, and Team Matches. Good stuff for tough players.

Casual adds more casual games to the mix. This is where you will find game options like "Help me find a game" or "Start a table with 3 robots" or "Main Bridge Club" or all other Public and Private club games.

Practice allows you to work on your bridge via training tools like "Bidding table", "Teaching table", and "Bridge Master" software.

Each of the featured areas are shortcuts to the most popular activities on BBO - the premium ACBL and Robot games as well as exciting Challenge games. Vugraphs provide live broadcast of important international events, and you can look up the leading players around town via Masterpoints and Races.

Messages Tab
Access BBO news items, offline mail messages left for you, or chat with someone here.
People Tab
Check to see which friend is online, or search for and add someone as a friend to follow.
History Tab

This is where you can review your played hands.

Finished a hand or tournament? Access hand records and traveling scoresheet here after your game is completed.

If you are in the middle of a game and you navigate here, you can return to Play without impacting your game session.

As you review each hand, try tapping the icon to access extra features.

Account Tab

Change your profile details, including pictures and password here. You can also adjust BBO play settings in the Settings section. This includes options like animation, confirm card, picture of cards, sound effects and more.

Convention cards can also be selected or modified here. The help file contains a more detailed guide to Convention cards.

Deal Archive tool lets you create or edit hands and save them in organized folders for easy access.

Director Tab

Members who have been granted Director access or are currently listed as directors of a tournament or team match can utilize the features found here to create, edit, and direct tournaments.

Convention Cards

You can choose/create a convention card to use with a partner, edit an existing card, or just select a stock convention card to use.

Robot's System
BBO's robot uses the 2/1 system. A detailed explanation can be found here.
Rules, Terms, Official stuff

You are playing and interacting with real life humans.

We ask that you be polite, kind, and treat others as you would wish to be treated.

This is our official Terms and Conditions of membership, and our official Rules of the Site. When in doubt, be nice.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy, but still need to collect some of your information in this app.

Here's a link to our Privacy Policy which explains everything we collect and how we use your information.

Play and Watch anonymously

If you have elected to play or browse BBO anonymously, your activities and game choices are limited. A larger selection of games and options are available if you register and login with your BBO account.

Registration is always free, as are most games.

Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions you may have -

About BBO

Bridge Base Online (BBO) is a free online bridge service for players of all levels and ages.

We are primarily a labor of love. Our members join us in our platform to promote the game of bridge throughout the world.

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